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Anorexia Nervosa - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery. Our Treatment Centers Center For Discoveryspecializes in treating this Eating Disorder.

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At Center For Discovery, we are able to provide more therapeutic services for women struggling with eating disorders than any other residential treatment center. Our comprehensive treatment program includes individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, nutrition education and hands-on food preparation training and many specialized therapies. Every client at Center For Discovery receives a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to fit their individual situation and needs.


Medication evaluation, management, and administration are part of the treatment at Center For Discovery. Our adolescent psychiatrists use a holistic treatment approach that takes into account nutrition, exercise, sleep, and personal care that are all important factors in recovering from emotional or behavioral problems. It is only after a full multimodal evaluation examining the psychological, environmental, physical and neurobiological factors contributing to the client's difficulties that we would recommend an appropriate and reasonable trial of medications or supplements. Often time's clients present to residential treatment centers on a variety of medications or supplements.

At Center For Discovery, we start by recognizing that previous treating practitioners and families have worked long and hard to try to find appropriate treatment. We make no assumptions that the current medications are either optimal or not. Instead, we use the same comprehensive evaluation to confirm the appropriateness of the current treatment. In some cases we will recommend adjustments and changes that could further improve the client's outcome. In other cases we may help the client to get off current medications or supplements that may not be of benefit. Client and family perception of medication plays an import role in both the effect of medication and compliance. We make every effort to help clients and families to be free of myths and misunderstanding about medications. At Center For Discovery our clients, staff, practitioners and families, join together to work as a team to find treatment with the least amount of risks and side effects to help improve future compliance and successful long term treatment. Our ultimate goal at the Center For Discovery is to find a treatment approach that is holistic and sustainable now and in the future.

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"Very few things in my life have had a more profound effect on me and my family as [Discovery's Resilience]. I was watching the Dr. Phil show and learned about the program. I was apprehensive at first since we have gone through so much treatment with my son.  This place literally changed his life and in relation ours."

Richard D.
Parent of Resilience Alumni

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The hallmark of treatment lies in the psychotherapy. At Center For Discovery our multi–model approach to psychotherapy allows us to meet the need of each individual client. We utilize psychotherapy either alone or in combination with medication to treat mental health issues. Our therapists meet individually with clients three to four times a weeks and develop a treatment approach that is individualized to the problems they are experiencing. This eclectic and individualized method allows us to meet the client where they are and ensure effective outcomes. Utilizing aspects of evidence-based modalities including cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and interpersonal therapy along with psychodynamic modalities we strive to assist clients in understand the behaviors, emotions, and ideas that contribute to his or her mental health issues and learning how to modify them.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Treatment at Center For Discovery starts with a full diagnostic evaluation. This complete evaluation includes all the biological, psychological, social, family, and even the spiritual factors that contribute to our client's unique strengths and weaknesses. We want to know -- not only how does our client exist in and relate to the world -- but how did they come to develop that particular style of living, and that style of relationship. What keeps them moving in the direction they are moving. What motivates them and what holds them back.

When it comes to psychological treatment, one size doesn't fit all. It's important to tailor the treatment to suit the unique needs, characteristics, and personality of each individual. Just the same way that you wouldn't try to treat every broken arm with the same shape and size of cast. You custom-fit each cast to the particular arm that's broken. A treatment plan is custom created to enable growth and strengthen in the right direction for each individual.

Expressive Arts

The adolescents we work with at Center For Discovery are extremely talented and expressive. We believe creativity is positively associated with well-being, health, and overall life satisfaction. We implement art and music therapies to help our clients achieve insight and awareness through self-exploration and self-expression. Music and Art therapy for adolescents can provide teens with an easier way to express their emotions. A question and answer type of format can be daunting and intimidating for some teens, especially when they have to try and explain complex emotions. Because of this, art therapy for adolescents can be a much more viable solution for communication than simply having a conversation and talking about things. This can be especially true when it comes to traumatic events.

If a teen experiences something tragic, that event usually gets buried in their subconscious where it affects them in the future. These types of things are not easy for anyone to talk about, especially when there are deep-rooted emotional issues in play. Through art therapy teens can help bring these suppressed emotions to the surface so the art therapist can then focus on healing their issue(s). In our work we see that the sensory experience of making art can have a profound effect on a person's emotions. Many times our clients get immersed in the creative process which allows them to temporarily be free from the overwhelming symptoms they are experiencing. By integrating Art and music therapy at Center For Discovery we have been able to change the lives of the clients we work with.

Animal & Equine Therapy

Animal & equine assisted therapy can be an incredibly powerful way to ignite change. Stepping into interactions with animals promotes growth in ways that are unparalleled by other modes of therapy. At Center For Discovery, we use animal & equine therapy as a tool for healing, growth, and insight. Residents work with animals both in groups and individually, processing their experiences after each session. The Center For Discovery staff work closely with animal & equine assisted therapists to help focus on each client's individual needs and goals, providing an in-depth and integrative experience.

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Center For Discovery Treatment Centers specializes in behavioral  treatment through unique and specialized therapy with individualized treatment programs for every individual to get them on their way to recovery.

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Recreational Activities

There are many mental health benefits to recreational activities. Research shows a direct correlation between physical activity and improvements in mood. Center For Discovery places a strong emphasis on physical activity. Clients are offered time for daily meditation and are encouraged to exercise daily. In fact, recreation is an activity that clients at Center For Discovery engage in throughout the day. In the mornings our clients attend an outing to the local gym or go for a Hike. In the afternoon our clients go to the park or the library. Every weekend our clients attend an additional outing to the movies, bowling, or museums. Our recreational activities are aimed at enhancing the growth and well being of our clients. Our clients also have time in between groups in their daily schedules where they can engage in on site recreational activities, whether it's playing a musical instrument, ping pong, basketball, reading a book or journaling.

In our experience, recreational activities can assist a client with low self esteem, to take emotional risks in a positive way; it allows them to challenge their beliefs about themselves and others, while learning to trust their peers and their environment. Our recreational component is one way Center For Discovery, challenges a client to be physically and mentally healthy.


Nutrition is a critical component to the development and well-being of all people. At Center For Discovery, we emphasize this in our treatment. Each client receives an individual nutrition consultation. During this initial interview with the teen, the consultant will ask the client their pertinent medical history, discuss prior nutrition counseling, if applicable, and provide the resident with the opportunity to express their food preferences and any nutrition or fitness goals they would like to work on during their stay. The nutritionist will work with the client's primary therapist, medical doctor, psychiatrist and nurse and a nutrition care plan is developed. Center For Discovery is able to accommodate a variety of dietary needs, including individualized care for those suffering from eating disorders, those with food allergies or intolerances, Diabetes or other medical conditions requiring specialized diets. Clients meet weekly with our nutritionist, attend weekly nutrition education groups, and benefit from the structured dining schedule.


Many of the families we work with at Center For Discovery, struggle with issues related to attachment and adoption. This can manifest itself into reactive attachment disorder. This disorder is characterized by an inability to form healthy attachments to caregivers and others based on past trauma, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, & adoption issues where a child's sense of belonging and self is challenged. It is not uncommon for adopted children to experience trauma recall moments or neglect long after they have been placed. If not addressed it can manifest into serious behavioral and personality issues later in life.

Client treatment summary of children who suffer from RAD can be defined as:
Trusting, Firm, consistent, Loving, and Validating that is Predictable and one in which our children who suffer from these traumas and attachment issues leave Center For Discovery not defined by the trauma themselves as they move on to re-author their life.

Trauma Track

Unfortunately, many families and adolescents have experienced trauma. Center For Discovery has trained certified trauma specialists to ensure the best treatment for your loved ones. Our innovative assessment and treatment plan creates the roadmap for our trauma program. This includes conducting a full trauma history, and working with the client to understand and overcome their traumatic experiences. Through individual, family, group therapy, psycho education about trauma, and trauma group therapy we can foster hope and security in our clients, providing them the necessary tools to move forward after their stay at Center For Discovery.

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