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Center for Discovery location near Alexandria, VA was selected to provide a therapeutic atmosphere conducive to healing and wellness for disordered eating such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa in a partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment setting.

Eating Disorder Treatment| Alexandria, VA


20 Years in business - Treatment Centers Eating Disorder Joint Commission

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Eating Disorder Joint Commission20 Years in business - Treatment Centers



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"[Center For Discovery’s] compassionate, individualized, collaborative approach really made me feel grateful and appreciative. For the first time ever in treatment, I felt like MY recovery and well-being actually mattered."

Olivia W.
Discovery Alumni

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Exposure-Based Dietary Program 

A combination of challenge and choice, the Discovery hands-on dietary program replicates real life experiences to prepare for successful transitions and translation of the skills learned in treatment to the home environment.  Individualized menu planning, hands-on kitchen skills, meal preparation, meal support and therapeutic family meals. Discovery's dietary philosophy is that “All Foods Fit” in balance, variety, and moderation. Treatment includes fun food challenges, restaurant challenges, grocery, and clothing shopping. 

Co-Occurring Conditions 

Discovery specializes in resolving the underlying and co-occurring conditions that contribute to eating disorders. All programs are informed by evidenced-based treatment of trauma, self-injury, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Specialized Therapies 

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior (DBT), Distress Tolerance Skills and Practice, Mindfulness and Somatic Therapies, Body Positive Curriculum and Workshops, and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) based dietary program all provide a comprehensive treatment experience. 

Customized Treatment Plan 

Individually tailored treatment plans target underlying factors contributing to the eating disorder, form a foundation for intuitive eating, and teach clients distress tolerance skills and self-regulation.

20 Year Legacy of Successful Outcomes 

Data collected from over 2,000 Discovery clients and analyzed by the Feinstein Institute for Biomedical Research suggest that our clients not only improve during treatment but continue to make gains after discharge. Center For Discovery has presented its outcome data to the Academy for Eating Disorders, The Society for Adolescent Health & Medicine, and the Pediatric Academic Society. 

Shame Resiliency 

Clients explore vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness as it relates to their eating disorder and identify new choices and practices that will move them toward more authentic and wholehearted living. 

Body Positive 

We are committed to body positive principles in of all our programs. Our leaders and core staff have been trained by The Body Positive to facilitate a unique and powerful curriculum that teaches core principles that promote positive body image, increased self acceptance, and the development of a supportive and affirming community for recovery.


The Gold Standard in Eating Disorder Treatment 

Center For Discovery is Joint Commission Accredited and State Licensed. The Joint Commission requested that Discovery participate in developing the standards for eating disorder treatment. 

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Eating Disorder Treatment Location | Alexandria, VA

Our Location

Center For Discovery McLean is located inside a beautiful office along the Potomac River in the city of Alexandria, VA. Our location was chosen carefully so that the setting provides a warm and therapeutic atmosphere for our clients and support groups. Center For Discovery Alexandria Outpatient is designed to help those struggling with an eating disorder through the treatment process comfortably. Our spacious and open setting and location in a serene environment allows our clients to begin the recovery journey in a relaxed and warm environment. With both Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs available, Center For Discovery Alexandria Outpatient can provide personalized treatment regardless of your diagnosis. Our outpatient treatment team work hard to ensure that the skills and knowledge learned at Center For Discovery are more easily transferrable to life after treatment.

 Center For Discovery Alexandria Outpatient Treatment
209 Madison St. Suite 3B 
Alexandria, VA 22314

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Do I have an eating disorder?

Does my loved one have an eating disorder?

Do I have an eating disorder?

Does my loved one have an eating disorder?

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